Oct 22, 2009

Caught this this morning after reading a tweet about it. I had some time to kill before leaving for jazz band so, I saw it! It's from the International festival of Rome. It's a special bit just for the promotion of Twilight Saga: New Moon

Save Massey Theatre!

Oct 20, 2009

So there's this major dilemma in New Westminster, BC! A major major maaaajor problem. Nobody wants to take Massey Theatre. It's a theatre that has been the home for generations of students and citizens of New Westminster. Every music concert has been there. As a band student who has performed numerous times in this theatre, I don't want it to be torn down. Apparently it is the "only" piece of land where they can build the school!?! The current high school was built on top of an old cemetery that was never decommissioned. Why it was never decommissioned I don't know. And It's already been built on, wouldn't most of the bodies have already been displaced? (I don't want to be rude and disrespect the relatives but how does this become such a large problem?) So the school board tells us that there will be a 500-seat theatre in the new school, and I have also heard there will be a black box theatre on the waterfront. IF these two theaters were both built, they still would not equal to the seating capacity of Massey Theatre. I have information that says that the new school has no plans at all, that have been made to the public. ALSO, we were supposed to have the brand new school YEARS ago! How long will we have to wait for this school? And how long will we have to wait for the theatre, IF it was built. I also saw a newspaper article from the New Westminster Record that said the school board has NO intentions of running a theatre in the new school. The current lease on Massey Theatre will expire in June. Please help!

1. Help us convince the provincial gov't to decommission the cemetery
2. Convince the school board to keep the theatre!
3. If the school board won't run it, help convince our local gov't!

There are some school board meetings and some meetings at city hall coming up. Show up and show your support!

Here's the blog for more info:

Here's the twitter:

Facebook Group



EDIT: I just wanted to talk a bit more about by experience. I'm a performer. I love it! It's just great to be on a proper stage performing in front of so many people! I have performed in gyms, halls, conference rooms, and best of all.. real stages. Two of which are the Massey Theatre and the Bell Center in Surrey. It's an amazing rush that I get! It's a mixture of anxiety, excitedness, fear, and happiness, but that's what makes it special! I get this feeling NO WHERE ELSE. It's a unique experience to be on a stage performing music with friends. If they take the Massey Theatre building away from us, it would have a major impact. Our band rooms are just beside the theatre, and if they tear it down, our band rooms go away too. I shudder to think our school may go without a band program for my final senior year. If they tear it down now, and the new school isn't built right away (which obviously it won't be. We don't live in a world of magic.), we will be without a place to practice something we really enjoy. Please help.


Oct 9, 2009

In my years at high school I've never had the desire to be in the popular crowd. I'm fairly sure there isn't even any "popular" groups in my school. Maybe there's some people more known than others but I don't think they're necessarily popular. I learned my lesson long ago in elementary that popularity isn't that great. When I was in grade 6, I had some good friends. Real ones. We'd play a game I created where you throw a penny then the other people playing gotta go find it. The first one to find it gets to throw it. Life was good. It was probably the most expensive game on the playground haha. Then I started leaving my 2 main friends that I played with, to go play red rover with the popular people. I did have some good memories, but I didn't build a meaningful friendship tv them. They were a year older so when they moved on to the highschool, the friendship pretty much died. I regret it now. I really do badly. Because I lost time to make a great connection with REAL friends. I see them in the halls and I can't even say hi to one if them. I just saw my friend and we were standin. At the corner waiting to cross the street. But we were so far apart now as friends that I just looked away. We talked when I was in grade 8, she and another friend were some of the only people I knew when first getting there. People change, and I believe that when I ditched them years ago, I stopped building the friendship. When a comedian came to my school in grade 9, he talked about how we should say hi to old friends in the halls. And that presentation made me realize how sucky this whole situation was. I am gonna hold on to the friends I have, the best that I can.



Sep 12, 2009

School started this week, and I've already gotten into the horrible habit of procrastinating. So here I am blogging instead of finishing a physics booklet due on monday, and math booklet dur for tuesday. it's 1:54, maybe I'll wait til 3. Give myself some time to relax..


Eclipse Set

Aug 23, 2009

I went to one of the sets used for Eclipse the other day. It was cool to see what they put up there. Also, they've left stuff behind, so could that mean they're returning?! Anyways, when I went there weren't any security, but the person I was with, was in a hurry, so I just used my lens to zoom up. Ignorantly, I didn't go see the other side of one side of the set they created. But for those pictures you can check out
Here are my pictures:

no clue.

Jul 7, 2009

It gets hard to grow older. People change. Not always for the better, and that sucks. Someone who I consider one of my closest friends, has been changing, and now.. it's like I don't know him. I know cliche much eh? but I need to vent, and that's what blogs are for. It's not like anything I ever have to say is of any value to you readers. ugh what to do what to do.


Apr 18, 2009

Take me back to the days when I could not wait to wake up,
weird hair, didn't care what to wear cause no matter what, I still felt loved.
Take me back to the days, when losing a game was the worst thing I knew.
Getting thrills off of little stuff that now, I just can't do.

I can't stand growing up, I'm going too fast.
Well just a second I miss my past.
Yeah being old has its perks,
but I miss my old friends,
and the way the **** used to be
I wanna start again. x2

I miss, everything.
I wish that you could.

Take me back to the days when school wasn't a chore.
Now I have to play hookie to hide from the things that I used to not want to ignore.
Take me back to, the world that I knew before, the love was taken.
Another smile drop, listen while time stops now....

I can't stand growing up, I'm going too fast.
Well just a second I miss my past.
Yeah being old has its perks,
but I miss my old friends,
and the way the **** used to be
I wanna start again. x2

Take me back to the days when I hated to fall asleep.
If I could I know I would spend a day under my sheets.
Take me back to the life, when I can know myself again.
I wish I could, I wish I could,
but I can't.


My birthday's coming up. This song sums up how I sorta feel..


Hi again.

Apr 11, 2009

It's been a while since I've done this. So I'll sum up the past 4 months in a bunch of keywords.
-Showcased @ the Music Fest.
-Alright grades
-Superb Prov scores
-good grades.

That's it for now I guess